Did you know, over 95% of our students receive financial aid?

Of those students, the average financial aid package is $23,000 a year (financial aid package includes all grants, scholarships, and loans).

Now you can also save thousands of tuition dollars with our new three-year degree option!

Total Costs for 2019-2020

All rates are effective beginning Summer 2019.

Total Cost Semester Year
Tuition (Full-time) $16,199 $32,398
Board $2,500 $5,000
Room $2,900 $5,800
Comprehensive Fee $250 $500
General Instructional Fee $65 $130
Total: $21,914 $43,828

Indirect Annual Costs

For us to determine financial need, we are required to include the following expenses for all students at Trinity.

These expenses are not charged to your student account, rather, they are meant to represent an estimate of other expenses you should bear in mind when counting the overall cost of your education.

Cost Estimates
Books and Supplies $1,200
Transportation $1,540
Personal Expenses $1,480

Undergraduate Tuition Breakdown (2019-2020)

Full-Time Tuition
12-18 credit hours/semester $16,199
Over 18 credit hours $700/hr
Part Time Tuition
1-11 credit hours $1,400/hr
May Term Tuition (SM19) $465/hr
Audit $80/hr

Room & Board

Housing Costs

Residence Hall Per semester
Johnson Single $3,425
Johnson Double $2,900
Madsen Hall Single $3,300
Madsen Hall Double $2,600
Trinity Hall Single $3,650
Trinity Hall Double $2,700
Trinity Hall Double w/living room $2,925
Vehicle Registration (per year) – First vehicle $130; $30 per extra vehicle

Residential and Commuter students bringing a motor vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with Security Services.

Dining Costs

Meal Plan Meals per Semester Munch Money Plan Information Price per Semester
Block 240 Plus 240 plus $200 • Meal plan can be used in Hawkins Dining Hall and FRESH Retail
• Use your plan six nights a week between 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
• Includes $200.00 in Munch Money to be used for smaller purchase or to buy lunch for a friend or family member
• Any unused Munch Money can be rolled over into meal swipes from the fall to spring semester
• Great for Athletes with extended schedules
Block 240 240 $100 • All students are eligible
• Approximately 15 meals per week
Block 210 210 $50 • All students are eligible
• Approximately 13 meals per week
Block 140 140 $50 • All students are eligible
• Approximately 9 meals per week
Block 100 100 Not Included • Student teachers during either fall or spring semester are eligible
• Students who purchase a Block 240, 210, or 140 plan in the fall are eligible for a Block 100 in the spring
Block 10
10 Not Included • Only undergraduate students who are commuting or living in TC Senior Privileged Housing are eligible
• All apartment residents are eligible • All graduate students are eligible

Munch Money is Dining Services credit that is added to your ID card with the purchase of an eligible meal plan and can be used at FRESH for a quick “to go" meal or a late night snack.