Emerging Leaders

Grateful stewards of the opportunity to learn, grow, and serve, Emerging Leaders is a selective program for freshmen at Trinity College. This academic course is designed to give students the opportunity to experience life as a student leader from the first moment they arrive on campus. Students spend the year learning foundational principles and practices of Christian leadership and group dynamics in a classroom setting, and then have the opportunity to apply those skills by planning an annual leadership conference for high school students.

About the Program

Emerging Leaders is a team of believers who aim to learn what it means to lead as Christians, grow as people of redemptive influence, and serve our campus, community, and all who participate in 360.


Program Highlights

  • Learn principles and practices of group dynamics and distinctively Christian leadership
  • Strengthen transferable leadership skills that you will use for a lifetime
  • Be personally invested in by upperclassmen mentors
  • Get plugged into Trinity‚Äôs thriving leadership culture
  • Plan and execute a leadership conference for high school students
  • Earn academic credit
  • Represent Trinity College in partnership with recruitment efforts

Scholarship Information

Freshmen accepted into the Emerging Leaders program who meet the following requirements can receive a $1,000 scholarship:

  • Acceptance into the Emerging Leaders program
  • Commit to 1-2 hours a week outside of the regular course requirements to share the value of Trinity with others
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA throughout the year

Students may apply each year to renew this scholarship.

How to Apply


  • Two character references
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Resume with extracurricular commitment/evidence of desire to influence the Kingdom
  • Enroll in LR 173 (1 credit) and LR 174 (2 credits) Emerging Leaders course at Trinity College


Will the time commitment be too much for incoming freshman?

The Emerging Leaders class is a one credit academic course the first semester (LR 173) and a two credit academic course the second semester (LR 174). This course not only provides a community for them to thrive in, but also teaches them to manage their time well. We have found year after year that Emerging Leaders helps students excel during their freshman year.

Can athletes participate?

Possibly. If you are planning to participate in an intercollegiate sport at Trinity, please contact Blake Hudson (847-317-7075 or bchudson@tiu.edu) before applying to Emerging Leaders. As a student athlete, you may not be able to participate in the Emerging Leaders program due to conflicts with practices and games, but the university will do all it can to make arrangements when possible.

When do students who are part of the Emerging Leaders program move to campus?

Students selected for the program will move to campus one week earlier than other freshman at the start of fall semester. As a member of the Emerging Leaders program, students are invited to participate in the annual Student Leadership Retreat for all student leaders at TIU, which takes place during the week before New Student Orientation.

For more information about the program, get in touch!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (847) 317-7032