Student Life

Be a part of the Trinity community.

Being part of our community means being intentional in your friendships and being known by those around you. You will find a place to call home where we keep Christ at the center of all we do. With a campus culture that emphasizes hands-on, educationally-focused opportunities for growth, we know that you will find your place in our community.



The Office of Student Life plays a critical role in providing holistic education and formation in the lives of students.

We want you to have a positive and engaging educational experience! We create an environment that helps students achieve their dreams and aspirations, grow in their love and passion for Christ, and be prepared for Christ-centered leadership.

Our desire is to help grow students who are committed to enhancing their community in the world – we want you to live a healthy and productive life that contributes to a great good! Students who are academically and socially integrated into the Trinity community are more likely to become thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders.

In short, we are stewards of a Christian learning community where students can discover their unique roles and responsibilities in God’s redemptive story through holistic discipleship.

Find out more about student life and community expectations in our Student Handbook.