Lead with truth and passion.

Our B.A. in Worship equips students to skillfully plan, prepare, and lead excellent worship services that are Christ-centered, biblically and theologically grounded, historically informed, and reflective of the cultural and generational diversity of the church body. The program hones musical skills that are most commonly used in contemporary evangelical corporate worship services today and prepares graduates to meet the changing needs and conditions they will find throughout their lifetime of service to the local church.


Requirements total 60 hours, with courses in Music, Christian Ministries/Bible, Worship, and Lessons/Ensembles. You’ll take interesting courses such as:

  • Songwriting and Arranging
  • Worship Planning
  • Relational Skills for Ministry

See Required Courses


Students will work closely with a seasoned worship pastor at one of our many partner churches in the Chicago area. This internship provides an opportunity to practice and hone the various skills necessary for ministry within the local church. Ultimately, graduates will connect their passion for corporate worship with the changing needs of a diverse culture.

Career Objectives Include:

Course Title Credits
MUT 101 Elements of Music 3 hrs
MUT 121 Music Theory in Contemporary Practice 3 hrs
MUT 122 Aural Skills 1 1 hr
MUH 233X
(or) MUH 241
Comparative Arts*
(or) Introduction to Music History and Literature*
3 hrs
MUH 221 History of American Popular Music 3 hrs
MUH 211 Survey of World Music* 3 hrs
MUT 332 Songwriting and Arranging 3 hrs
MUT 363
Instrumentation and Orchestration 3 hrs
MUT 331
Basic Conducting 3 hrs
BRS 231 Christian Doctrine** 3 hrs
CM 172 Introduction to Ministry 3 hrs
CM 260 Introduction to Intercultural Ministry** 3 hrs
CM 372X
(or) CM 373X
Nonprofit Management
(or) Nonprofit Financial Management
3 hrs
CM 342
(or) LR 170X/PSY 170X
(or) LR 173/174
Relational Skills for Ministry**
(or) Leadership Dynamics
(or) Emerging Leadership I/II
3 hrs
CM 381
(or) BI 275
(or) COM 112
Introduction to Preaching
(or) Teaching the Bible**
(or) Speech
3 hrs
WOR 111 Introduction to Worship Studies 1 hr
WOR 121 Introduction to Technology in Worship 2 hrs
MUW 335 Musicianship for Worship 3 hrs
WOR 437X Music in Worship 3 hrs
WOR 438 Worship Planning 3 hrs
MUW 450 Church Music Internship** 3 hrs
WOR 499 Senior Seminar in Worship Studies* 1 hr
MUZ 152
(or) MUZ 170
Private Lessons: Guitar
(or) Class: Guitar
1 hr
MUZ 156
(or) MUZ 161
Private Lessons: Piano
(or) Keyboard Skills I
1 hr
MUZ 158
(or) MUZ 160
Private Lessons: Voice
(or) Class: Voice
1 hr
MUZ 250-259
MUZ 350-359
MUZ 450-459
Advanced Level Private Lessons:
Choice of any instrument(s) in which instruction is offered
4 hrs
Required Contemporary Worship Ensemble 2+ semesters
Choose One Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, or Orchestra 2+ semesters
Choose One Gospel Choir, Jazz Ensemble, or World Music Ensemble 2+ semesters
Must participate in ensembles for a total of 8 semesters
*Satisfies General Education requirement
**May contribute toward TEDS Advanced Placement MDiv