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The Social and Interactive Media program is designed for students who want to focus on organizational communication in digital and interactive contexts. Students will learn about creating and maintaining a brand in digital contexts, developing and analyzing digital communication strategies, interactive digital writing, and combining visual and text-based messages effectively.

Social and Interactive Media students will develop their skills in digital writing and in a variety of visually-based mediums, such as photography, web design, and video.

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Course Title Credits
Strategy and Campaign Development
BUS 113 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
BUSĀ 334 Advertising 3 hours
BUS 388 Digital Analytics 3 hours
COM 140 Introduction to Public Relations 3 hours
COM 281 Social and Interactive Media Strategies 3 hours
Communication in Theory and Practice
COM 240X Writing for the Media I 3 hours
COM 241X Pre-Practicum 1-2 hours
COM 340X Writing for the Media II 3 hours
COM 383 Writing for Digital Contexts 3 hours
COM 386 Visual Communications 3 hours
COM 445 Internship 3 hours
COM 490 Communication Capstone 3 hours
Tools and Design
COM 384 Audio and Video for Social and Interactive Media 3 hours
GPH 105 Foundational Design Software 3 hours
GPH 205 Intermediate Design Software 3 hours
GPH 230 Introduction to Photography 3 hours
GPH 271 Introduction to Web Design 3 hours
GPH 385 Digital Storytelling 3 hours
Total Hours 52-53 hours