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Be a catalyst for healing.

There are times when we must seek help because we cannot help ourselves. As a pre-physical therapy major, we will prepare you to assist others in post-injury rehabilitation, preventative care, and therapeutic methods for patient recovery. We will also prepare you with the requirements needed to continue your education in physical therapy school.



Major requirements total 51 hours. This includes 13 hours of biology, 14 hours of health sciences, 8 hours of chemistry, 8 hours of physics, and 3 hours of bioethics. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
  • Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise
  • Introduction to Bioethics

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All of your training in biology, physics, and health science is useless if you don’t get the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. As a Pre-Physical Therapy major, you will be required to log between 500 and 1,500 clinical hours during your time here, which will make you stand out as you enter the professional world.

Career Objectives Include:



Health Sciences Courses
HS 161 Medical Terminology 1 hour
HS 162 Introduction to Interprofessional Health Sciences 1 hour
HS 165 Responding to Emergencies and Sport Safety Training 3 hours
HS 168 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury 3 hours
HS 201 Physiology of Exercise 3 hours
HS 202 Nutrition 1 3 hours
HS 251 Kinesiology 3 hours
HS 454 Measurement, Research, Statistics and Technology 3 hours
HS 490 Seminar in Interprofessional Health Sciences 1 hour
BIO 111 General Biology 1 4 hours
BIO 340 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 hours
BIO 341 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 hours
MA 285X Statistics 1 4 hours
BE 474X
or BE 476X
Introduction to Bioethics
or Undergraduate Bioethics Institute
3 hours
PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology 1 3 hours
HPW 228X Sport and Wellness Psychology 3 hours
Total Hours 46 hours
Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis
CH 111 General Chemistry I 1 4 hours
CH 112 General Chemistry II 4 hours
CH 203 Essentials of Organic Biochemistry 4 hours
PHY 111 General Physics I 4 hours
PHY 112 General Physics II 4 hours
MA 121 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4 hours
HS 480 Professional Rotation in Health Sciences 1-6 hours
BIO 410 Biology Seminar 1 hour
Choose one: 4 hours
     BIO 310 Microbiology
     BIO 320
& BIO 321
and Immunology Case Studies Laboratory
     BIO 430 Developmental Biology
Highly Recommended Pre-Physical Therapy Courses
HS 351 Biomechanics 3 hours
HS 365 Motor Learning and Lifespan Development 3 hours
HS 370 Introduction to Therapeutic Modalities and Rehabilitation 3 hours
PSY 335 Child Development 3 hours
PSY 337 Psychology of Adolescence 3 hours
PSY 339 Adult Development 3 hours
Total Hours 30 hours
Fulfills a general education requirement