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Be insightful.

Philosophers spend a lifetime thoughtfully pursuing truth. We will train you to think critically, clearly articulate your viewpoint, and step into other perspectives as you consider the pressing issues. Leave Trinity prepared to apply philosophical truths in ministry, the academy, or the workplace.



Requirements total 31 hours. These include 16 core hours of Philosophy courses and 15 hours from elective courses. Additionally, students may complete up to two specializations of 12 hours each chosen from among their elective hours. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Foundations of Cultural Engagement
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Seminar in Business and Management Ethics

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The great American philosopher William James once called philosophy, “the collective name for questions that have not been answered to the satisfaction of all who have asked them.” As a philosophy major, you will be the one asking those questions as you engage in classes at Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School as a part of your undergraduate coursework. You will even have the chance to attend conference hosted by organizations such as the American Academy of Religion and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. Whether your interests lie in ethics, apologetics, or religion, Trinity will help you develop skills that will set you apart from others in the field.

Career Objectives Include:



Course Title Credits
PH 170 Logic 3 hours
PH 180 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hours
PH 381 History of Western Thought I 3 hours
PH 382 History of Western Thought II 3 hours
PH 499 Fall Senior Seminar 1 hour
Choose one:
PH 431
PH 432
Contemporary Philosophy
Problems in Philosophy
3 hours
Electives 15 hours
15 hours of elective courses are required of all Philosophy majors (including 9 hours specifically designated as PH courses). Non-Philosophy electives can be chosen from any of the courses listed below in “Specializations.” Note: students completing one specialization need 3 additional hours of electives to complete the major.
Total Hours 31 hours
Philosophy majors may achieve a Specialization designation in Apologetics, Ethics, or Philosophy of Religion by taking 12 hours in that specific area. No Specialization is required and no more than two Specializations are allowed.
PH 190 Introduction to Apologetics 3 hours
Choose three of the following: 9 hours
PH 351 Topics in Apologetics
PH 431 Contemporary Philosophy*
PH 432 Problems in Philosophy
BRS 330 Christian Evidences
ID 5002 Foundations of Cultural Engagement
PH 390 Advanced Apologetics
PR 5600 Christian Faith and Contemporary Challenges
CC 5610 Cultural Hermeneutics
ME 5001 Foundations of Evangelism
Total Hours 12 Hours
PH 182 Ethics 3 hours
PH 234 Love and Friendship 3 hours
Choose three of the following: 9 hours
PH 352 Topics in Ethics
PH 431 Contemporary Philosophy*
PH 432 Problems in Philosophy
BE 474X Introduction to Bioethics
BE 475X Topics in Bioethics
BE 476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute
BE 477X Undergraduate National Conference
BUS 490 Seminar in Business and Management Ethics
PR 7220 Ethical Theory
Total Hours 15 hours
Philosophy of Religion
PH 362 Philosophy of Religion 3 hours
Choose three of the following: 9 hours
PH 353 Topics in Philosophy of Religion
PH 359 Topics for Honor Students
PH 431 Contemporary Philosophy*
PH 432 Problems in Philosophy
PH 363X Survey of Religious Diversity
PSY 430 Psychology of Religion
Any one Religious Studies (TGS), Philosophy of Religion or World Religions (TEDS) course
Total Hours 12 Hours
* Students may only use one of these two courses, namely, whichever course is not used to fulfill the core requirements of the major.