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Music has great significance, both historically and in every day life. Whether your interests draw you towards composition, administration, teaching, or performance, we will equip you with the knowledge and training required to succeed in your chosen field.



Requirements total 50-61 hours. This includes 39 hours from the music core and 15-26 hours of emphasis-related courses. Six hours of the major requirements meet general education requirements. You’ll engage with interesting courswork like:

  • Music Theory in Contemporary Practice
  • Basic Conducting
  • Survey of World Music

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Trinity’s Music Department provides a community of musicians who make excellent music together for the glory of God. Ensembles include Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, Community Philharmonic Orchestra, and Jazz Ensemble. Students in our ensembles present concerts and lead worship on campus, across the country, and around the world.

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In addition, distinct majors are available in Music Education/K-12 and Worship, as well as minors in both Music and Worship.


Launch your career in the rich musical culture and plentiful professional opportunities of Chicago. But first, you will be given opportunities to develop your musical skills through professional internships that further your knowledge and experience. Leave TIU prepared to make an impact musically.

Career Objectives Include:



Course Title Credits
Required Courses (50-61 hours)
MUT 111 Introduction to the Music Major 1 hour
MUT 499 Senior Seminar in Music 1 hour
MUH 241 Introduction to Music History and Literature 3 hours
MUE 331 Basic Conducting 3 hours
MUH 341 Music History I 3 hours
MUH 342 Music History II 3 hours
MUT 121 Music Theory I 3 hours
MUT 122 Aural Skills I 1 hour
MUT 221 Music Theory II 3 hours
MUT 222 Aural Skills II 1 hour
MUT 223 Music Theory III 3 hours
MUT 224 Aural Skills III 1 hour
MUT 322 Music Theory IV 3 hours
MUZ 250-259, MUZ 350-359, MUZ 450-459 8 hours
Strongly Suggested
    MUW 437X     Music in Worship  
    Each music major must choose at least one of the following eight emphases. 15-26 hours
Arts Administration Emphasis (15 hours)
BUS 113 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
BUS 115 Human Resource Management 3 hours
BUS 353 Management of Change 3 hours
MUS 372X/
CM 372X
Nonprofit Management 3 hours
BUS 373X Nonprofit Financial Management 3 hours
Strongly recommended:
BUS 392 Social Entrepreneurship 3 hours
Church Music Emphasis (18 hours)
MUW 335 Musicianship for Worship 3 hours
MUW 437X Music in Worship 3 hours
MUW 438 Worship Resources 3 hours
MUW 450 Church Music Internship 3 hours
MUE, MUH, or MUT elective 3 hours
One course selected from the following options 3 hours
    BRS 231 Christian Doctrine
    CM 210 Ministry in its Cultural Context
    CM 211 Theology and Practice of Pastoral Ministry
    CM 320 Principles of Ministry Programming
    CM 342 Relational Skills for Ministry
Significant work in biblical studies strongly recommended
Contemporary Music Emphasis
This emphasis area consists in its entirety of one semester’s study at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Contemporary Music Center (CMC) in Nashville, Tennessee.
Music and Missions Emphasis (15 hours)
BRS 360X Foundations of Intercultural Ministry 3 hours
BRS/PH 363X Survey of Religious Diversity 3 hours
CM 260 Introduction to Intercultural Ministry 3 hours
MUH 211 Survey of World Music 3 hours
MUW 437X Music in Worship 3 hours
Accelerated MA Intercultural Studies (double degree)
Performance Emphasis (15 hours)
MUT 361 Music Analysis 3 hours
Additional credit hours (not used to satisfy music core requirement) of MUZ 250-259, MUZ 350-359, MUX450-459 3 hours
MUH Elective 3 hours
  Half recital (MUZ 350-359) and full recital (MUZ 450-459) required
Choose 6 hours of the following: 6 hours
    MUT 363 Instrumentation and Orchestration
    MUZ 210 Music Ensemble
    MUE 439 Diction for Singers
    MUZ 295 Vocal Performance Workshop (4 semesters)
    MUZ 210 Music Ensemble (or additional hour lessons
Piano Pedagogy Emphasis (15 hours)
MUE 323 Piano Pedagogy and Literature 3 hours
MUE 445 Internship in Piano Pedagogy 2 hours
MUT 361 Music Analysis 3 hours
MUZ 210 Music Ensemble 1 hour
MUH elective 3 hours
MUT elective 3 hours
Half recital required (MUZ 350-359)
Highly recommended
    ED 260X Educational Psychology/Human Development
    Full recital recommended (MUZ 450-459)
Psychology Emphasis (26 hours)
Note: For this emphasis area, students must demonstrate guitar proficiency, and must choose the courses indicated by an asterisk (*) to fill General Education Requirements:
Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning:
BIO 140 Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology 4 hours
PSY 285X Statistics* 4 hours
Personal Growth, Health and Wellness:
PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology* 3 hours
Choose one of the following: 3 hours
    PSY 220 Interpersonal Skills Training
    PSY 230 Crisis Intervention
    PSY 255 The Psychology of Addiction
Choose two of the following: 6 hours
    PSY 300 Personality Theories
    PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology
    PSY 320 Learning and Motivation
Choose two of the following: 6 hours
    PSY 372 Cognitive/Behavioral Psychology
    PSY 374 Physiological Psychology
    PSY 400 Therapeutic Psychology
Theory/Composition Emphasis (15 hours)
MUT 363 Instrumentation and Orchestration 3 hours
MUT 445 Senior Project in Music Theory/Composition 2 hours
MUT 462 Stylistic Composition 3 hours
MUZ 250-259, 350-359, 450-459 Advanced Level Private Lessons–Composition 4 hours
Choose one of the following: 3 hours
    MUT 361 Music Analysis
    MUT 461 Modal Counterpoint