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Be ready to make an impact.

Students are eager to share their individual voice. We will equip you with the musical training and theoretical understanding needed to teach students how to use their talents in a significant way. Be an instrument of change in your students’ lives as you bring your love of music into the classroom.



Requirements total 83 hours. This includes the 34 hours from the Music core, 13 hours of additional Music courses, and 36 hours of professional education courses. You’ll engage with interesting coursework like:

  • Choral or Instrumental Conducting Methods and Literature
  • Educational Psychology/Human Development
  • Survey of World Music

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Knowledge of compositional structure, music history, and classroom management is useless without opportunities to put it into action. During your time at Trinity, you will engage in classroom observation, lesson planning, and student teaching in the finest elementary, middle, and high school music programs.

As a Music Education/K-12 major, you will complete over 100 hours of field experience prior to student teaching. As part of your coursework, you will gain experience in elementary, middle and high school classes in a variety of diverse settings.

Career Objectives Include:


Course Title Credits
Music Education/K-12 Core
MUT 111 Introduction to Music Major 1 hour
MUE 331 Basic Conducting 3 hours
MUH 241 Introduction to Music History and Literature 3 hours
MUH 341 Music History I 3 hours
MUH 342 Music History II 3 hours
MUT 121 Music Theory I 3 hours
MUT 122 Aural Skills I 1 hour
MUT 221 Music Theory II 3 hours
MUT 222 Aural Skills II 1 hour
MUT 223 Music Theory III 3 hours
MUT 224 Aural Skills III 1 hour
MUT 322 Aural Skills IV 1 hour
MUZ 250-259, MUZ 350-359, MUZ450-459 8 hours
Additional Music Courses
NOTE: Some of the following courses require admission to the Division of Education for enrollment.
MUE 249X General Music Methods in the Public Schools, Grades K-12 3 hours
MUE 345 Woodwind Techniques 1 hour
MUE 346 Brass Techniques 1 hour
MUE 347 Percussion Techniques 1 hour
MUE 348 String Techniques 1 hour
MUH 211 Survey of World Music 3 hours
MUE 432X
or MUE 433X
Choral Conducting, Methods and Literature
or Instrumental Conducting, Methods and Literature
3 hours
Participation in MUZ 285 for those who qualify
Professional Education Courses
NOTE: Some of the following courses require admission to the Division of Education for enrollment.
ED 101  Introduction to Teaching  2 hours
ED 103  Professional Skills for Teachers  1 hour
ED 240  Foundations of Education  2 hours
ED 260X  Educational Psychology/Human Development  3 hours
ED 306  Reading/Writing across the Curriculum  3 hours
ED 330  Introduction to Special Education  3 hours
ED 380  Diversity in Education  1 hour
ED 381  Diversity Pre-Clinical Field Experience  1 hour
ED 421  Classroom Management  1 hour
ED 422  Advanced Seminar in Education  2 hours
ED 430  Educational Research & Assessment  2 hours
ED 440
& ED 441
 Clinical Practice/Music K-12
& Clinical Practice/Music K-12
 12 hours
PSY 337  Psychology of Adolescence  3 hours
 Total Hours   83 hours 
Additional Licensure Requirements
Candidates must pass the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency, the appropriate teacher performance assessment (edTPA), and all required licensure tests in order to complete their program. Candidates are required to comply with all state requirements that are in place at the time of application for licensure. Consult  the Division of Education for specific requirements.