Middle Grades Social Science Education back to programs

Bring history to life for middle schoolers.

History continues to stand the test of time. Make the stories in textbooks come to life as you learn how to show students the importance of history as it relates to their lives and the world today. Leaving Trinity, you will be prepared to engage contemporary issues with the next generation of learners.


Major requirements total 68 hours. This includes 41 hours of required Professional Education courses and 27 hours of History/Social Science courses. You’ll take interesting courses such as:

  • Professional Skills for Teachers
  • Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Understanding History


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Knowing historical facts, governmental structure, and teaching methods is useless without the opportunity to put it into action. During your time here at Trinity, you will have the chance to engage in classroom observation, lesson planning, and student teaching at local middle schools.

Professional Education Courses (44 credit hours)
ED 101 Introduction to Teaching
ED 103 Professional Skills for Teachers
ED 240 Foundations of Education
ED 260x Educational Psychology/Human Development
ED 306 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
ED 310 General Teaching Methods
ED 311 General Teaching Methods Pre-Clinical Experience
ED 330 Introduction to Special Education
ED 363 Teaching History Secondary Schools
ED 368 Secondary Methods Pre-clinical Experience
ED 380 Diversity in Education
ED 381 Diversity Pre-clinical Experience
ED 413 Clinical Practice in the Secondary School
ED 421 Classroom Management
ED 422 Advanced Seminar in Education
ED 430 Educational Research and Assessments
PSY 337 Psychology of Adolescence
Required History/Social Science Courses (27 hours)
HI 105 Understanding History
HI 121 U.S. History Through the Civil War
HI 122 U.S. History Since the Civil War
HI 201 World Civilizations to 1600
HI 202 World Civilizations Since 1600
HI Upper Division Elective
BUS 103
(or) BUS 208
Introduction to Economics
(or) Macroeconomics
GEO 100 World Geography
POL 250 American Government
Total: 71 hours