Middle Grades Science Education back to programs

Introduce the world of science to middle schoolers.

Science teachers are in high demand, especially at the middle-school level. Our Middle Grades Science Education degree will equip you with a fundamental understanding of the world around you, the ability to think in a critical and God-honoring way, and the skills to pass on this knowledge to students in grades 5-8.


Major requirements total 71 hours. This includes 44 hours of required Professional Education Courses and 27 hours of other required courses. You’ll take interesting courses such as:

  • Professional Skills for Teachers
  • Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Biology: The Plant and Animal Kingdoms


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Knowledge of anatomy, molecular structure, and classroom management is of little value without the opportunity to put it into action. During your time here at Trinity, you will have the chance to engage in classroom observation, lesson planning, and student teaching at local middle schools.

Professional Education Courses (44 credit hours)
ED 101 Introduction to Teaching 2 hours
ED 103 Professional Skills for Teachers 1 hour
ED 240 Foundations of Education 2 hours
ED 260x Educational Psychology/Human Development 3 hours
ED 306 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 3 hours
ED 310 General Teaching Methods 2 hours
ED 311 General Teaching Methods Pre-Clinical Experience 1 hour
ED 330 Introduction to Special Education 3 hours
ED 364 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary Schools 3 hours
ED 368 Secondary Methods Pre-clinical Experience 2 hours
ED 380 Diversity in Education 1 hour
ED 381 Diversity in Pre-clinical Experience 1 hour
ED 413 Clinical Practice in the Secondary School 12 hours
ED 421 Classroom Management 1 hour
ED 422 Advanced Seminar in Education 2 hours
ED 430 Educational Research and Assessments 2 hours
PSY 337 Psychology of Adolescence 3 hours
Required Courses (27 hours)
BIO 111 General Biology 4 hours
BIO 112 Biology: Plant and Animal Kingdoms 4 hours
CH 103 Introduction to Chemistry 4 hours
MA 121 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4 hours
PHY 111 General Physics I 4 hours
PS 110 Introduction to the Physical World 3 hours
300 or 400-level General Science Elective 4 hours
     Elective in one of the areas of science described in the Common Core of Science Standards (biology, chemistry, earth and space science, environmental science, and/or physics)
Total Hours 71 hours