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Be sound in your logic.

Excellent mathematicians prepared to engage in classroom settings are in high demand. We will equip you with not only the fundamental knowledge of problem-solving and logic, but also with the ability to translate that knowledge into effective lessons for your students.

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Major requirements total 87 hours. This includes 32 hours of required mathematics courses, 3 hours of mathematics electives, 8 hours of supporting courses, and 44 hours of professional education courses. Up to 8 hours count for general education requirements. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Classroom Management
  • Modern Algebra

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Knowledge of mathematical theorems, critical problem-solving, and classroom management is useless without the opportunity to put it into action. During your time here at Trinity, you will have the chance to engage in classroom observation, lesson planning, and student teaching at some of the top local middle and high schools, or even abroad.

As a Mathematics with Secondary Education Licensure major, you will complete over 100 hours of field experience prior to student teaching. As part of your coursework, you will gain experience in both middle school and high school classes in a variety of diverse settings.

Career Objectives Include:

Course Title Credits
Mathematics with Secondary Education Licensure Core (32 hours)
CS 120 Computer Programming I 3 hours
MA 121 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4 hours
MA 122 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 4 hours
MA 221 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III 4 hours
MA 321 Mathematical Statistics 4 hours
MA 331 Linear Algebra 3 hours
MA 335 Differential Equations 3 hours
MA 340 History of Mathematics 4 hours
MA 412 Geometry 3 hours
MA 420 Number Theory 3 hours
Supporting Courses
Select one of the following sequences: 8 hours
CH 111
& CH 112
General Chemistry I
& General Chemistry II
PHY 111
& PHY 112
General Physics I
& General Physics II
Highly Recommended Courses
     BUS 411 Financial Management
     PH 170 Logic
     MA 324 Mathematical Statistics II
Professional Education Courses
ED 101 Introduction to Teaching 2 hours
ED 103 Professional Skills for Teachers 1 hour
ED 240 Foundations of Education 2 hours
ED 260X Educational Psychology/Human Development 3 hours
ED 306 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 3 hours
ED 310 General Teaching Methods 2 hours
ED 311 General Teaching Methods Pre-Clinical Experience 1 hour
ED 330 Introduction to Special Education 3 hours
ED 364 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School 3 hours
ED 368 Secondary Methods Pre-Clinical Experience 2 hours
ED 380 Diversity in Education 1 hour
ED 381 Diversity Pre-Clinical Experience 1 hour
ED 413 Clinical Practice in the Secondary School 12 hours
ED 421 Classroom Management 1 hour
ED 422 Advanced Seminar in Education 2 hours
ED 430 Educational Research & Assessment 2 hours
PSY 337 Psychology of Adolescence 3 hours
Total Hours 87 hours