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Be well-rounded.

Understanding those around us is fundamental to any career. As a Humanities major, you will learn about human behavior, study communication methods, and gain critical thinking skills that will help you excel in a variety of fields. Whether you choose to pursue politics, communication, or the arts, you will leave Trinity prepared to use your diversified skill set to make a difference in the workplace.



Requirements total 60 hours. Up to 20 hours required in the major may be used to meet general education requirements. The following courses are excluded: ENG 214, 241X, 242X, 243X, 441X, 442X, MU 214, applied music, and music organizations. The Humanities Major will not be granted as a third major in conjunction with a combination of two of the following majors: English, History, Music, Philosophy. In addition, courses applied toward the Humanities Major may not be used to count toward any minors. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Survey of World Music
  • Writing for the Media
  • Topics in Military History

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REACH 105R-133


The diversified expertise you will gain as a Humanities major will give you a leg up in any field you are looking to enter after you graduate. Whether your interests lie in politics, law, philosophy, or even business, Trinity will prepare you to succeed.

Career Objectives Include:

Category Disciplines Credits
First Discipline English, History, Music, or Philosophy
(9 hours at 300 level or above)
21 hours
Second Discipline English, History, Music, or Philosophy
(6 hours at 300 level or above)
15 hours
Third Discipline English, History, Music, Philosophy,
Art, or a single foreign language
(3 hours at 300 level or above)
12 hours