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Be a creative communicator.

Visual communication plays a vital role in today’s society, be it in brand creation for marketing, developing content for the web, or designing publications. The fundamental theory and practical skills you’ll learn here will prepare you to engage in contemporary visual careers.



Requirements total a minimum of 48 hours, including 27 hours of studio courses, 6 hours of software courses, 6 hours of contextual courses, a minimum of 4 hours of professional experience, and 5-6 hours of supporting courses. Interesting courses you can take include:

  • Interaction Design
  • Design & Society
  • Design History

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Learning theories and concepts is an important part of your degree, but only through practical application can you develop your own visual style. As a graphic design major, you will have the opportunity to pursue professional internships in your area of interest that will mold your creative voice. You will also develop a design portfolio through your coursework at Trinity that will help impress future employers.

Career Objectives Include:



Course Title Credits
GPH 105 Foundational Design Software 3 hours
GPH 205 Intermediate Design Software 3 hours
GPH 305 Advanced Design Software 3 hours
GPH 110 Design Foundations 3 hours
GPH 140 Drawing for Design 3 hours
GPH 210 Tangible Design 3 hours
GPH 230 Introduction to Photography 3 hours
GPH 260 Typography 3 hours
GPH 271 Introduction to Web Design 3 hours
GPH 310 Interaction Design 3 hours
GPH 320 Design Studio I/Digital and Physical Projects 3 hours
GPH 410 Design Systems 3 hours
GPH 490 Capstone and Exhibition 3 hours
A minimum of 3 hours elective credit from the following: 3 hours
GPH 150 Topics in Graphic Design
GPH 240 Calligraphy and Lettering
GPH 250 Studio Topics in Graphic Design
GPH 330 Freelance and Professional Practice
GPH 385 Digital Storytelling
GPH 420 Design Studio II/Digital and Physical Projects
ART 121 Art Appreciation 3 hours
GPH 160 Design and Society 3 hours
GPH 360 Design History 3 hours
GPH 440 Portfolio 3 hours
GPH 445 Internship 3 hours
Supporting Courses 
A minimum of 3 hours from the following: 3 hours
BUS 111 Principles of Management
BUS 113 Principles of Marketing
BUS 310 Personal Finance
BUS 332 Topics in Marketing
BUS 334 Advertising
BUS 388 Digital Analytics
CS 120 Computer Programming I
CS 220 Computer Programming II
COM 112 Speech
COM 120 Survey of Communication Theory
COM 140 Introduction to Public Relations
COM 204 Mass Communication
COM 210X Business Communication
COM240X Writing for the Media I
COM 281 Social and Interactive Media Strategies
COM 334 Group and Organizational Communication
COM 383 Writing for Digital Contexts
COM 384 Audio and Visual for Social and Interactive Media
COM 386 Visual Communication
Recommended Course:
GPH 390 Graphic Design Project