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Be both a reader and a writer.

Businesses and churches value the writing and critical thinking skills of a humanities degree; our unique English/Communication major gives you both. You’ll read Flannery O’Connor and William Shakespeare in the morning, learn to write news leads in the afternoon, and after dinner you’ll finish your story for the Trinity Digest. Read great books and have an answer for the “usefulness” question.



The English/Communication major combines a substantial portion of the English major with coursework and hands-on training in media writing and other communication methods. You will build skills in publishing, design, and even politics, and will complete an internship where you’ll put your work in front of real audiences. Some courses include:

  • Mass Communication
  • Media Writing

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Trinity English/Comm students are known in the community for their strong writing and their reliable characters. You’ll start gaining practical writing and publishing experience working on the Trinity Digest or The Trillium, the campus arts journal, and then you’ll intern in a professional setting. Trinity is located just north of Chicago, so you can pursue internships that will build a distinguished resume and that often launch students’ careers in corporate communications. publishing, or even ministry.

Career Objectives Include:


Course Title Credits
Genre Courses
ENG 220 Studies in Poetry 3 hours
ENG 222 Studies in Fiction 3 hours
Core Communication Courses
COM 120 Survey of Communication Theory 3 hours
ENG 240X Writing for Media I 3 hours
ENG 340X Writing for Media II 3 hours
ENG 440X Topics in Media Studies 3 hours
Practical Courses
ENG 445 Internship 3 hours
Select 3 hours from the following (with instructor’s guidance and consent) 3 hours
    ENG 241X Pre-Practicum
    ENG 441X Practicum
Skill Course
Select one of the following 3 hours
    COM 112 Speech
    ENG 210X Business Communication
    ENG 336 Creative Writing
Period Courses
ENG 306 Renaissance Literature 3 hours
ENG 310 Romantic Literature 3 hours
Period and Author Courses
Select two of the following
6 hours
    ENG 230 Survey of Contemporary Critical Theory
    ENG 302 Classical Literature
    ENG 315 Modern European Literature
    ENG 317 Russian Literature
    ENG 318 American Literature I: Puritanism Through Transcendentalism
    ENG 320 American Literature II: Civil War Through Depression
    ENG 350 Topics in Literature
    ENG 406 Shakespeare
Advanced Courses
ENG 420 Capstone Seminar in the British Novel 3 hours
Related Courses
9 hours
    COM 204 Mass Communication
    POL 250 American Government
    Choose the remaining 3 hours from the Period and Author Courses, or an appropriate Upper Division Communication or Graphic Design course, in consultation with an advisor and consent of the professor of record, if needed.
Total Hours 54 hours