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Be a steward of young minds.

Elementary teachers have the unique joy and responsibility of caring for young minds in their most formative years. We will develop you personally, professionally, and practically to equip you to transition from sitting in a classroom to leading a classroom.



Our Education major allows you to choose an area of concentration and features strong courses in diversity, special education, and ESL, including:

  • Foundations of Teaching ESL
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Literacy Methods for Emerging Readers

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Elementary education majors may take courses toward the Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS I) endorsement. This endorsement requires 4 courses that provide a foundation for identification, diagnosis, and educational programming for students with disabilities. The courses in the LBS I sequence provide candidates with a broader foundation for meeting the diverse needs of students in general education classrooms. The endorsement allows candidates to teach special education in grades 1-6, the grade levels they will be licensed to teach in the state of Illinois.


Training in actual classrooms is a key component of our Education major. During your time here at Trinity, you will complete over 200 hours of field experience prior to your student teaching. Our students graduate with experience in diverse elementary school settings and with a reputation for being teachers of integrity.

Career Objectives Include:

Course Title Credits
Major Courses
ED 101 Introduction to Teaching 2 hours
ED 103 Professional Skills for Teachers 1 hour
ED 240 Foundations of Education 2 hours
ED 260X Educational Psychology/Human Development 3 hours
ED 309 Foundations of Teaching English as a Second Language 3 hours
ED 310 General Teaching Methods 2 hours
ED 311 General Teaching Methods Pre-Clinical Experience 1 hour
ED 312 Literacy Methods for Emerging Readers 3 hours
ED 322 Literacy Methods for Upper Elementary Grades 3 hours
ED 330 Introduction to Special Education 3 hours
ED 342 Methods of Teaching Science, Health, and Social Science* 3 hours
ED 345 Methods of Teaching Mathematics 3 hours
ED 350 Integrated Methods Pre-Clinical Experience 2 hours
ED 356 Integrating Specials into the Elementary Curriculum 1 hour
ED 380 Diversity in Education 1 hour
ED 381  Diversity Pre-Clinical Experience 1 hour
ED 401 Clinical Practice in the Elementary School 12 hours
ED 421 Classroom Management 1 hour
ED 422 Advanced Seminar in Education 2 hours
ED 430 Educational Research & Assessment 2 hours
Required Supporting Courses
GEO 100 World Geography 3 hours
MA 120 College Algebra & Trigonometry 4 hours
HI 121
or HI 122
United States History Through the Civil War
or United States History Since the Civil War
3 hours
Total Hours 61 hours
* All candidates must pass a competency test in Illinois history or meet the competency requirement through transfer of an appropriate course prior to taking  ED 342.