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Write your ideas in code.

The world is increasingly driven by technology. A Computer Science degree gives you the tools to program and understand computers for success in the field. A balance of mathematics and computer courses at Trinity will allow you to become an expert, equipped with the logical, analytical, and ethical perspectives vital to your career in technology.


Requirements for this degree total 52 hours. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Programming
  • Computer Ethics

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Jobs in technology are abundant, and we want to help you find the right one. As a computer science major, you will complete a professional internship to discover what you love and acquire new skills. Leave Trinity prepared to excel in any number of demanding careers.

Career Objectives Include:

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
CS 120 Computer Programming I 3 hours
CS 170 Computer Operating Systems 4 hours
CS 220 Computer Programming II 3 hours
CS 240 Discrete Mathematics 3 hours
CS 260 Computer Networking 3 hours
CS 310 Database Management Systems 3 hours
CS 320 Data Structures 3 hours
CS 330 Web Programming 3 hours
CS 340 Programming Languages 3 hours
CS 410 Systems Analysis and Design 3 hours
CS 420 Software Engineering 3 hours
CS 445 Internship 1-6 hours
CS 490 Computer Ethics 3 hours
Supporting Courses
MA 121 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 4 hours
Choose One:
MA 285X Statistics 4 hours
MA 321 Mathematical Statistics 4 hours
Total Hours 46-51 hours