Be engaged in God’s world.

Biology majors don’t just study life, they also get to live it! Your professors will prepare you professionally and invest in you personally throughout your time at TIU. Learn what it means to think in a critical and God-honoring way, pursue excellence in academia, and engage with contemporary issues in the field of Biology.



Major requirements total 48-49 hours. This includes 24 hours of required Biology courses, 3-4 hours from a restricted list of Biology courses, 15 hours of supporting courses, and 6 hours of Bioethics courses. You’ll take interesting courses such as:

  • General Botany
  • Origins and Evolution
  • Immunology


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The information in biology textbooks was once cutting-edge research… and someone had to do the behind-the-scenes work to discover it. You will have the opportunity to seek professional internships and off-campus research programs as you advance in your studies. Graduate from Trinity prepared to go into any number of fields, including environmental conservation, research, or even bioethics.

Career Objectives Include:

Required Courses for General Education (12 hours)
BIO 111 General Biology 4 hours
CH 111 General Chemistry I 4 hours
MA 121 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4 hours
Biology Core (24 hours)
BIO 112 Biology: the Plant and Animal Kingdoms 4 hours
BIO 210 Ecology and Field Biology 4 hours
BIO 220 General Botany 4 hours
BIO 315 Genetics 4 hours
BIO 400 Origins and Evolution 3 hours
BIO 410 Biology Seminar 1 hour
BIO 420 Cell and Molecular Biology 4 hours
Elective Course (3-4 hours)
Choose one from the list below or from courses offered in Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Sciences from Au Sable Institute as approved by the Chair of the Department of Biology
BIO 310 Microbiology 4 hours
BIO 320 Immunology 3 hours
BIO 330 Animal Physiology 4 hours
BIO 340 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 hours
BIO 341 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 hours
BIO 430 Developmental Biology 4 hours
BIO 440 Microbial Physiology 4 hours
BIO 450 Independent Study 1-3 hours
BIO 460 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 4 hours
Various courses selected from Au Sable Institute May Term, Summer Semester I, or Summer Semester II offerings as approved by the Chair of the Biology Department (4 hours)
Required Supporting Courses (15 hours):
CH 112 General Chemistry II 4 hours
CH 211 Organic Chemistry I 4 hours
CH 212 Organic Chemistry II 4 hours
CH 320 Biochemistry 3 hours
Required Bioethics Courses (6 hours)
BE 474X Introduction to Bioethics – or –
BE 476X Undergraduate Bioethics 3 hours
BE 475X Topics in Bioethics – or –
BE 477X Undergraduate National Conference 3 hours