Biology/Pre-Medical back to programs

Be an expert physician.

Not many people get the chance to tangibly save lives. We will help you understand the science of the human body through the lenses of molecular biology, genetics, and bioethics to participate actively in the miraculous field of medicine. Show Christ’s healing power to others as you enter the professional world.



Major requirements total a minimum of 54 hours. This includes 25 hours in the required Biology courses, 23 hours in supporting courses, and 6 hours of Bioethics courses. Interesting courses you’ll take include:

  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • Introduction to Bioethics
  • Genetics

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You can read about organ structure and diagnostic procedures all day, but the real test comes when you put these skills to use. You will have the opportunity to seek professional internships at local hospitals and urgent care centers to work closely with practicing physicians. Most importantly, we will prepare you to succeed in medical school once you leave Trinity.

Career Objectives Include:

Required Courses for General Education
BIO 111 General Biology 4 hours
CH 111 General Chemistry I 4 hours
MA 121 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4 hours
Required Biology Courses
BIO 112 Biology: the Plant and Animal Kingdoms 4 hours
BIO 310 Microbiology 4 hours
BIO 340 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 hours
BIO 341 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 hours
BIO 410 Biology Seminar 1 hour
BIO 420 Cell and Molecular Biology 4 hours
BIO 430 Developmental Biology 4 hours
Required Supporting Courses
CH 112 General Chemistry II 4 hours
CH 211 Organic Chemistry I 4 hours
CH 212 Organic Chemistry II 4 hours
CH 320 Biochemistry 3 hours
PHY 111 General Physics I 4 hours
PHY 112 General Physics II 4 hours
Required Bioethics Courses
BE 474X Introduction to Bioethics – or –
BE 476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute 3 hours
BE 475X Topics in Bioethics – or –
BE 477X Undergraduate National Conference 3 hours
Required Professional Experience
Select one of the following: 1 hour
BIO 306 Scientific Applications Professional Experience
BIO 406 Advanced Scientific Applications Professional Experience
BIO 470 Undergraduate Research
CH 306 Scientific Applications Professional Experience
CH 406 Advanced Scientific Applications Professional Experience
CH 442 Undergraduate Research
Electives (highly recommended additional courses)
BIO 315 Genetics
BIO 320 Immunology
BIO 321 Immunology Case Studies Laboratory