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Be a truth-seeker.

The Bible heralds truth for those who read it. As a Biblical Studies major, you will learn to accurately interpret Scripture in light of its historical and cultural context. We will prepare you to bring a holistic approach to your faith, life, and learning as you seek to serve the Lord.



Requirements total 53 hours. This includes 29 hours from the Biblical Studies required courses and 24 hours of electives in Biblical Studies and cognate areas. Up to 15 hours required in the major may be used to meet general education requirements. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Seminar in Discipleship & Justice
  • Messiah in the Old Testament
  • Geography of the Bible

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Knowing context and history is essential to biblical interpretation, but true understanding comes when we live out the words of the text. During your time at Trinity, you will be able to interact with local pastors and scholars of the Word in preparation for ministry. You will also have the option to continue your education by pursuing graduate degrees at TEDS.

Career Objectives Include:


Course Title Credits
BI 101 Understanding the Old Testament 3 hrs
BI 101 Understanding the New Testament 3 hrs
BI 210 Biblical Interpretation 3 hrs
BI 452 Biblical Studies Seminar -or-
BI 453 Seminar in Discipleship and Justice 3 hrs
BRS 231 Christian Doctrine 3 hrs
BRS 330 Christian Evidences 3 hrs
BRS 410 Biblical Criticism 3 hrs
GR 121-122 Elementary Greek 8 hrs
Old Testament (6 hours min.) – Choose at least two
BI 302 Pentateuch 3 hrs
BI 304 Old Testament Prophetic Books 3 hrs
BI 306 Old Testament Poetic Books 3 hrs
BI 308 Old Testament Historical Books 3 hrs
BI 334 Old Testament Theology 3 hrs
BI 350 Topics in the Bible (Old Testament) 3 hrs
BI 362 Messiah in the Old Testament 3 hrs
New Testament (6 hours min.) – Choose at least two
BI 312 Life of Christ 3 hrs
BI 313 New Testament Church 3 hrs
BI 315 General Epistles 3 hrs
BI 316 Pauline Epistles 3 hrs
BI 221X Intermediate Greek 3 hrs
BI 222X Intermediate Greek 3 hrs
BI 350 Topics in the Bible (New Testament) 3 hrs
Cognates(6 hours max.) – Choose up to two
BI 275 Teaching the Bible 3 hrs
BI 320 Daniel-Revelation 3 hrs
BRS 311 Geography of the Bible 3 hrs
BRS 321X American Church History 3 hrs
BRS 322X Topics in Church History 3 hrs
BRS 335 Survey of World Religions 3 hrs
BRS 336 Topics in Contemporary Theology 3 hrs
BRS 340X History of Christianity 3 hrs
BRS 350 Topics in Biblical & Religious Studies 3 hrs
BRS 437X Music in Worship 3 hrs