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Be a kingdom leader.

The Master of Arts in Leadership develops and equips emerging and current leaders who can ethically respond to the demands of a globalized, knowledge-based society. The degree prepares graduates to creatively and knowledgeably lead others in a Christ-honoring way.




With an emphasis on practical application, students seek out mentors that engage them as they work through putting theory into practice, providing insight and guidance on their class projects. In addition, the MA in Leadership is designed to fit conveniently into the schedules of working adults. Students attend a summer intensive, and other courses are available during the academic year one evening a week.

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Graduates Will:



No matter what level in an organization people work, their jobs require them to be proficient at “soft skills,” such as working with people and being self directed. Employers expect universities to prepare graduates with such skills, and the MA in Leadership prepares students to meet this expectation. The skills emphasized in Leadership studies—critical thinking, problemsolving, and communication—prepare TIU students to make a redemptive difference in today’s world. This program is intended for a wide range of business professionals, pastors and non-profit leaders seeking professional and personal skill development. This program is perfect for both seasoned and emerging leaders with a desire to learn biblically-framed approaches to leadership.

Career Objectives Include:


Course Title Hours
Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Years:
Undergraduate Course Work:
BI 101 Understanding the Old Testament –or–
BI 111 Understanding the New Testament 3 hours
BI 210 Biblical Interpretation 3 hours
PH 180 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hours
Other general education courses and required major courses
Undergraduate general education requirements that will be fulfilled by graduate-level courses and need not be duplicated with undergraduate work:
ID 5001 Foundations of Integrative Thought replaces either BI 101 or BI 111
ID 5002 Foundations of Cultural Engagement replaces one course in the Religious and Ethnic Diversity subcategory
One LR course (3 hours) replaces 3 hours of undergraduate elective credit.
Junior Year:
Upon completion of 70 hours with a 3.0 GPA, students must submit an application and letter of recommendation to Trinity Graduate School Admissions to be accepted to the Dual Degree Program.
Student takes ID 5001, ID 5002.
Summer Before Senior Year:
Optional: Student takes modular courses in the May/July summer sessions.
Senior Year:
Student completes requirements for BA graduation.
Student takes graduate courses, schedule permitting.
—Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Degree Completed—
Summer Following Senior Year:
Student takes modular courses in the May/July summer sessions.
Student takes any remaining course work in Fall.
Student completes coursework for MA program.
Student completes requirements for MA graduation.
—Master of Arts Degree Completed—