Steven D. Fratt PhD

Chair, Department of History
Professor of History




BA, Westmont College, Honors in History
MA, PhD, University of California–Santa Barbara


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Dr. Fratt is an expert in nineteenth-century military tactics and is published in North and South Magazine and Strategy and Tactics.

Dr. Fratt has served as a military history consultant for several books, including Paddy Griffith’s Battle Tactics of the American Civil War, a reappraisal of Civil War combat.

In 2011, Dr. Fratt was invited by Oxford University Press to produce and edit the article on “Tactics” for their online Military History Bibliography due out in February 2012.

Dr. Fratt is a European generalist with interests in intellectual and military history, history of science, and the philosophy of history. He is an expert in nineteenth-century military tactics and is the Colonel commanding the Federal 1st Brigade, Illinois Volunteers of Civil War reenactors. He is also the president of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society – Midwest which runs the Little Wars convention in Chicago annually. Dr. Fratt has articles in Strategy and Tactics and North and South magazines, and has created a variety of simulations for his classes and the history gaming community. He has been a consultant for several authors of military history, and is also the ongoing editor for the Oxford Online Military History Bibliography for “Tactics.” Dr. Fratt is chair of the History Department. Prior to Trinity, he taught at Sterling College and Westmont College.