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Undergraduate Transfer Advisor

Contact: (847) 317-7051 | Email


Arlington Heights, IL


B.A. Trinity International University
M.A. Loyola University Chicago

Areas of Study:

B.A. English Communications/English
M.A. English


Reading great books, drinking excellent coffee, listening to insightful podcasts, discussing engaging movies, all while cooking and eating good food.

Favorite Bands:

Simon & Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird, and Sufjan Stevens

Favorite Movies:

Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Tree of Life, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Favorite TV Shows:

The West Wing, Parks and Recreation, Better Call Saul

The Best Thing About Chicagoland:

Visit the Art Institute and take a walk through Millennium Park while enjoying the beauty of Lake Michigan. There is so much to do in the city and beyond. And best of all, you can find amazing examples of any food you could ever want scattered throughout every corner of the greater Chicagoland area.

Why I love Trinity

From my first day on campus as an undergraduate student I found Trinity to be a welcoming place that continually sought to cultivate authentic Christian community. Without sacrificing the pursuit of academic excellence, Trinity is a community fundamentally built upon cooperation, not competition. Trinity is in the business of whole person formation. And for me, being at a school that holistically cares about its students makes all the difference.