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Trinity International University is pleased to announce the launch of the four newest programs at Trinity. As part of the 70+ programs available, students now have the opportunity to focus their studies on Worship Leadership, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Pre-Seminary, or Social and Interactive Media. Read below to learn about each of these exciting additions.


Do you feel the call to lead worship, arrange or write new praise music, or coordinate church media and technology? If so, consider the Bachelor of Arts in Worship program that begins fall 2019. Requirements total 60 hours, with courses in Music, Christian Ministries/Bible, Worship, and Lessons/Ensembles.

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Computer Science

The world is increasingly driven by technology. A Computer Science degree gives you the tools to program and understand computers for success in the field. A balance of mathematics and computer courses at Trinity will allow you to become an expert, equipped with the logical, analytical, and ethical perspectives vital to your career in technology.

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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program provides students with a strong foundation in the studies of criminology, including criminal law, legal systems, corrections, and policing. This program will prepare students to enter advanced programs in legal studies and law enforcement, and for allied careers in the criminal justice field.

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The Pre-Seminary program provides a broad ministry education while allowing for specialization in a distinct area. Our program offers advanced courses in college that will put students a step ahead in preparation for graduate school. Students who choose to complete an MDiv at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School can qualify for advanced standing in the MDiv program.

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Social and Interactive Media

The Social and Interactive Media program is designed for students who want to focus on organizational communication in digital and interactive contexts. Students will learn about creating and maintaining a brand in digital contexts, developing and analyzing digital communication strategies, writing interactive digital content, and combining visual and text-based messages effectively.

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