Auditing & Visiting Flexible Options

You can get a bit of the picture of what studies are like at Trinity without enrolling full-time. Audit courses without receiving a grade or credit, or opt to attend as a visiting student and not take a full course load – the choice is yours!


Auditing Students

Wanting to get your feet wet at Trinity before diving in? Auditing allows you to sit in on classes, learn from the lectures, but not be graded for your participation in the course. You will not earn academic credit for auditing a class, but you will still benefit from engaging in the learning process.

Learn more by contacting an Admissions Counselor.

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Visiting Students

As a visiting student, you can begin your education at Trinity without committing to a full-time class load. Experience the benefits of a Trinity education at your own pace.

Be sure to read through the Academic Regulations for Visiting Students listed below, and if you have any questions you can learn more by contacting an Admissions Counselor.

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Academic Regulations for Visiting Students

A. Classification: Students permitted to enroll as Visiting Students at Trinity are not considered to be enrolled in a degree program, and are restricted to an academic load of not more than six (6) hours per academic semester or one course during May Term. Students wishing to enroll in a degree program but only taking six (6) hours or less are classified as regular part-time students. Students should obtain the correct forms from the Admissions Office. (Remember that 30 of the last 45 hours must be spent as a regular full-time student in order to meet degree requirements. See letter ā€œCā€ below.)

B. Required Admissions Credentials: In order to secure authorization for enrollment as a Visiting Student at Trinity, an applicant must submit:

  1. A Visiting Student Application,
  2. A non-refundable $25.00 application fee, and
  3. Proof of High School graduation (final H.S. Transcript, Diploma, or College Transcript)*

* A photocopy is acceptable

C. Changing from Visiting Student status to Regular Student status: Submit all required Regular Student application credentials along with a letter signifying your intent to change from Visiting Student status to that of a Regular Student. A non-refundable $25.00 application fee is required. As outlined in the catalog, you will be required to complete 30 hours in residence study as a Regular Student in order to qualify for a Trinity degree. Change in status becomes effective for the following semester.

D. Visiting Student Registration: Visiting Students must be fully registered before attending classes. Designated registration times specifically for Visiting Students are announced each academic semester. Students who complete registration after the designated times will be billed a late registration fee.

E. Payment: Due at time of registration.

F. Academic Calendar: Found in the current catalog.

G. Refunds, Withdrawals, and Changes-in-Registration: Standard procedures and specific deadlines apply to Visiting Students (including changes from enrollment on a credit basis to enrollment on an audit basis). Check the current catalog or inquire at the Records Office for details.

H. Miscellaneous Items:

  1. Evaluations of transfer credits and of progress toward degree requirements are made only for those enrolled as Regular Students.
  2. No academic advisor is assigned to Visiting Students.
  3. Student identification cards are not issued to Visiting Students unless specifically requested.
  4. Mailboxes are not assigned.