The Compass team will be here to celebrate your successes and help you through your challenges.

The Compass program is designed for students who do not meet Trinity admissions standards, but are ready to learn, are driven to succeed, and desire to engage in community life. Students in the Compass program receive academic support, comprehensive mentoring, and connection to the Trinity community. If you could use a little extra support, then Compass is the right program for you.


Benefits of Compass

Academic Growth

  • Students will take 12 credit hours per semester freshman year.
  • Students will register for select courses designed to boost academic performance.
  • Required study hall hours with staff supervision and support.
  • Each Compass student will receive a personal tutor, focused on individual academic needs.
  • Course-specific tutoring is available at no cost through the Thrive Center.
  • Additional academic accommodations may be available through the Student Accessibility Resource Center. For more information contact Dr. Peter Wright, Coordinator ([email protected]).

Personal Development

  • Students will meet weekly with a trained mentor, invested in each student’s personal growth.
  • Weekly Compass team meetings will provide training that supports each student in their transition and adjustment to college life.
  • Students will be assisted in establishing and reaching appropriate and individualized academic, personal, and spiritual goals.

Spiritual Formation

  • Compass seeks to introduce students to Jesus Christ and encourage them
    in their relationship with God.
  • Team meetings and mentoring provide a safe place for exploration and understanding of each student’s identity as a child of God.
  • Compass offers weekly Bible studies for those who desire to go deeper in their spiritual journey.

Social Connection

  • The Compass team culture encourages students to support and empower one another through celebrating each student’s unique gifts, providing academic accountability, and engaging in intentional community.
  • Compass creates opportunity for students to connect with one another through fun group activities and outings.
  • Compass encourages students to participate in the larger Trinity community through attending campus events as a team.




“The highlight of Compass is the community. I was nervous coming here, because it was a new environment. I thought it would be hard to make friends at first, but then I realized everyone in Compass was feeling the same way! We have really been there for each other and have become a team and a family. I have now made great life-long relationships with the people here."

Compass is a Privilege

Participation in the Compass program is a privilege. It is our desire to empower each student to be successful; however, if a student chooses to not uphold the Student Success Plan, the student may be dismissed from the program. Please refer to the Compass Student Success Plan and Consequences for Unmet Program Requirements.



  • Parents are invited to attend the campus visit day with their student and to participate in a post interview meeting with the Compass director.
  • Parents will be provided semester updates on their student’s progress from the Compass director. (FERPA release required)
  • If academic or program concerns arise with a student, parents will be contacted. (FERPA release required)

How to Apply

Priority will be given to applications submitted prior to April 30.

Step 1: Complete the university application online.

Apply to Trinity

Step 2: Be reviewed and recommended by our admission committee. To be reviewed, you must submit to your enrollment counselor:

  • An academic recommendation from a high school teacher in a core subject
  • Your best high school writing sample


Step 3: Complete the Compass application online

Apply to Compass

Cost of Compass: A one time program fee of $499 will be charged to your student account fall semester.

*upon successful completion of the Compass program students will receive a scholarship of $499 toward their sophomore year.