Guiding you toward graduation.

The Compass program is designed for students who do not meet Trinity admissions standards, but are ready to learn, are driven to succeed, and desire to engage in community life. Students in the Compass program receive academic support, comprehensive mentoring, and connection to the Trinity community.

If you could use a little extra support, then Compass could be the right program for you.

Benefits of Compass

You will be given a personal success plan for your overall growth and academic success at Trinity. The plan will be individualized to each student, but will include the following elements:

Courses designed to boost academic performance

  • Students are limited to 14 credit hours per semester for their freshman year. (In counsel with a student’s academic advisor this limit could potentially be lifted.)
  • All Compass students will be enrolled in IDS 150 during the fall semester of freshman year.
  • All Compass students will be enrolled in PCS 100/105 (fall semester) and PCS 110 (spring semester).


Tutoring through the University Student Success Center

This program will work in collaboration with the University Student Success Center. Students will be required to utilize the following USSC services:

  • Tutoring
  • Study Hall
  • Services for students with disabilities (if needed)


Academic and personal mentoring

Students will attend bi-weekly mentoring sessions with the Compass director. These sessions will provide additional accountability, college skill preparedness training (study skills, reading and note-taking skills, time management), exploration of learning styles, personal development, spiritual formation, and Compass Program progress check-in.

Career counseling

All Compass students will meet with our Director of Career Services once per semester.


The USSC has had a massive impact on my spiritual and academic life at TIU. I know I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had without the caring staff and programs they have. Specifically, the mentoring program, Christian Studies tutoring and USSC leadership staff have shaped my years here and made it possible for me to succeed. I couldn’t be more thankful and I think every student can benefit from something the USSC offers.

Mollie, a junior at Trinity College


Getting connected to the Trinity community is an important part of Compass. Through connection with other Compass students and staff, as well as the larger Trinity community, you will find opportunity for the following:

  • Personal development
  • Spiritual growth
  • Social connection

You will have advocates for any situation who will celebrate your successes and help you through your challenges.


Parents and Guardians:
How you can be involved

We believe that the involvement of the parent/guardian is a critical factor in a student’s potential for success in the Compass program. Therefore, every student who is accepted and subsequently enrolled in the program will be required to grant a FERPA release so that the director of Compass may maintain regular and ongoing communication with the parent/guardian.


  • Parents are invited to attend the campus visit day with their student and to participate in a post interview meeting with the Compass director.
  • Parents will be provided semester updates on their student’s progress from the Compass director. (FERPA release required)
  • If academic or program concerns arise with a student, parents will be contacted. (FERPA release required)

How to Apply

Priority will be given to applications submitted prior to April 15.

Step 1: Complete the standard university application online

Apply to Trinity

Step 2: Complete the Compass application online, which will include:

  • An academic recommendation from a high school teacher in a core subject
  • Your best high school writing sample
  • An interview with the Compass director

Apply to Compass

Step 3: Application will be reviewed to determine acceptance to the university and Compass Program.

Cost of Compass: $300 program fee charged to your student account