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Be a unique voice.

The media, business, and literary worlds are constantly seeking effective communicators. As an English / Communication major, you will learn contemporary communication methods, literary and linguistic theory, and the power of individual expression. Speak up and stand out as you apply your skillset to the ever-changing world of communication.



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Requirements total 53 hours. This includes 47 hours of English courses and 6 hours of related courses. Nine hours required in the major meet general education requirements. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Business Communication
  • Modern European Literature
  • Design Software

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Many people don’t understand the power of effective communication until they experience it themselves. Trinity is located just north of Chicago, which will allow you to pursue professional internships that will build your resume and distinguish you from the crowd. When you leave Trinity, you will be prepared to enter any number of careers, including work in media industries such as television, journalism, or radio.

Career Objectives Include:


Course Title Credits
English/Communication Core (53 hours)
Genre Courses (6 hours)
ENG 220 Studies in Poetry 3 hours
ENG 222 Studies in Fiction 3 hours
Communication Courses (12 hours)
COM 120 Survey of Communication Theory 3 hours
ENG 240X Writing for Media I 3 hours
ENG 340X Writing for Media II 3 hours
ENG 440X Topics in Media Studies 3 hours
Practical Courses (8 hours minimum)
ENG 243X Desktop Publishing 2 hours
ENG 445X Internship 3 hours
3 hours required from the following (with instructor’s guidance and consent)
ENG 241X Prepracticum 1 hour
ENG 242X Prepracticum 2 hours
ENG 441X Prepracticum 1 hour
ENG 442X Practicum 3 hours
Skill Course (3 hours) – Choose one:
COM 112 Speech 3 hours
ENG 210 Business Communication 3 hours
ENG 336 Creative Writing 3 hours
Period Courses (6 hours)
ENG 306 Renaissance Literature 3 hours
ENG 310 Romantic Literature 3 hours
Period and Author Courses (6 hours) – Choose two:
ENG 230 Survey of Contemporary Critical Theory 3 hours
ENG 302 Classical Literature 3 hours
ENG 316 Modern European Literature 3 hours
ENG 318 American Literature I 3 hours
ENG 320 American Literature II 3 hours
ENG 350 Topics in Literature 3 hours
ENG 406 Shakespeare 3 hours
Advanced Courses (6 hours)
ENG 414 History and Structure of English Language 3 hours
ENG 420 Capstone Seminar in the British Novel 3 hours
Related Courses (6 hours)
COM 204 Mass Communication 3 hours
POL 250 American Government 3 hours