Meet Our Admissions Team

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Portrait of Jordan Bryant

Jordan Bryant

Why I love TIU

I love the community of people here. Transferring to TIU Junior year, I was unsure of how easy it would be to make friends and feel connected. Right away, I was welcomed, I was included, I was home. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I felt a sense of belonging right away. Even though I was here for only two years, I graduated with my best friends for life and I credit that to the incredible people here at TIU.

Portrait of Ethan Carlson

Ethan Carlson

Why I love TIU

From professors, to athletic events, to all the extracurriculars -- my experience at TIU was great! I loved the ability to have a well-rounded and diverse college experience in a great community. I grew in my faith and my academics while making lifelong friendships. There aren’t many places where you can attend seminary classes while in college and then go to a football game or into the city over the weekend. Plus traveling to 20 different countries through Trinity sponsored mission trips, band tours, and a study abroad program was incredible!

Portrait of Lindsey Dovichi

Lindsey Dovichi

Why I love TIU

TIU changed my life.  The professors, the friends I made and the faculty all impacted my life in a positive way.   TIU is a place where your professors and the faculty are invested in every single student.  TIU offered me many opportunities to grow in my character through short-term mission’s trips, student ministry opportunities and mentoring.  It is the place where I began to understand the depth of God's love for me.

Portrait of Sarah Hryshkanych

Sarah Hryshkanych

Why I love TIU

TIU has a wonderful atmosphere of Christian community! We are small enough to have faculty and staff who are really able to invest in the lives of students here. It is a blessing to get to see students grow spiritually and then go out and influence the world we live in.

Portrait of Brynne Krispin

Brynne Krispin

Why I love TIU

As a student whose family was 700 miles away, Trinity easily became my second family. Its strong sense of community provided me with opportunities to grow in ways I had never been challenged in before. I loved being surrounded by people from all different backgrounds, and being encouraged to learn from them. I came away from Trinity with a greater understanding of how to not only seek the kingdom of God, but advance it in every aspect of life.

Portrait of Brittany Niequist

Brittany Niequist

Why I love TIU

I love the strong sense of community on campus, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I also love the overall dedication and heart for seeking God's direction and furthering Christ's Kingdom here on earth.

Portrait of Nicole Powers

Nicole Powers

Why I love TIU

I love TIU because of the vast richness it has brought to my life. From an excellent education to the leadership development to the communities, each has added something specific to my life. I've been able to be in leadership opportunities getting real, hands-on experience and learning what it means to have those responsibilities. I've also been incredibly blessed by the people at TIU, building relationships that I wouldn't trade for the world. It is an absolute privilege to be part of a university that desires to glorify Christ and spread the Gospel in all they do.

Danielle Schroeder

Why I love TIU

I transferred to Trinity as a Junior and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. This amazing community welcomed me with open arms and I dove right in! I loved that from day one I was not just a number, but a name and an individual with unique passions and goals for my future. I found friends and staff members who came alongside me and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to begin fully functioning in my gifts. This place will always hold a special place in my heart. TIU is a great place to nurture growth, to learn from mistakes, to flourish in your gifts, and most of all -- a place to be equipped both academically and spiritually. All of this has prepared me to serve in the Kingdom well!