Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Be a creative communicator.

Visual communication plays a vital role in today’s society, be it in brand creation for marketing, developing content for the web, or designing publications. The fundamental theory and practical skills you’ll learn here will prepare you to engage in contemporary visual careers.

Be on the cutting edge. Be stylistically distinct. Be artistic. Be TIU.

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Requirements total a minimum of 53 hours, including 35 hours of Graphic Design core credits, 9 hours of professional experience, and 9 hours of supporting courses. You'll take interesting courses like: 

  • Design History
  • Typography
  • Computer Ethics

    ... and many more!

Finish your degree and enter the professional world a whole year early with our new three-year degree option!

GPH 100 Design Software I 2 hours
GPH 110 Graphic Design I 3 hours
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Did You Know?

TIU is equipped with a state of the art design studio that contains 20 Mac workstations complete with every program you’ll need to excel in your work.


If you are looking at another program at TIU, you might want to consider adding one of these minors to your degree:

  • Graphic Design Minor
  • Computer Information Systems Minor

Careers & Internships

Learning theories and concepts is an important part of your degree, but only through practical application can you develop your own visual style. As a graphic design major, you will have the opportunity to pursue professional internships in your area of interest that will mold your creative voice. You will also develop a design portfolio through your coursework at TIU that will help impress future employers. See the work of current students and learn more about the program through the departmental blog.

Communication: Kellie Miller

Kellie Miller

'10, B.A. / Communication
Complaints & Grievances Specialist

"I learned to appreciate the opportunity (public speaking) affords us to instruct, teach and sometimes even inspire an audience."

Career Objectives

  • Graphic Designer
  • Print & Publication Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Art Director
  • Brand Strategist
  • Production Artist
  • Creative Director

ā€œIā€™m being taught a set of skills that will help me succeed in whatever I do.ā€


Our hope is that when you graduate, you will be prepared with the theories and concepts, practical skills, and professional experience to make an impact in the contemporary world of design.


Adjunct Faculty

  • Wayne Kijanowski, MDiv
Graphic Design Core (35 hours)
GPH 100 Design Software I 2 hours
GPH 110 Graphic Design I 3 hours
GPH 200 Design Software II 2 hours
GPH 210 Graphic Design II 3 hours
GPH 300 Design Software III 2 hours
GPH 310 Graphic Design III 3 hours
GPH 410 Graphic Design IV 3 hours
GPH 230 Photography 3 hours
GPH 260 Typography 3 hours
GPH 270 Web Design 2 hours
GPH 360 Design History 3 hours
CIS 490 Computer Ethics 3 hours
A minimum of 3 hours of Topics in Graphic Design from the following courses:
GPH 150 Topics in Graphic Design 1-3 hours
GPH 250 Intermediate Topics in Digital Design 2-3 hours
Professional Experience (8-9 hours)
GPH 440 Portfolio in Graphic Design 3 hours
GPH 445 Internship in Graphic Design 3 hours
GPH 490 Capstone in Graphic Design 3 hours
Required Supporting Courses (9 hours)
ART 231 Art Appreciation -or-
ART 233X Comparative Arts 3 hours
COM 204 Mass Communication 3 hours
BUS 334 Advertising 3 hours
ART 241 Studio Art 2 hours
ART 331 History of Art I 3 hours
ART 332 History of Art II 3 hours
ART 341 Advanced Studio Art 2 hours
GPH 390 Graphic Design Project 2-3 hours